Resource pack

I'm experimenting with making resource packs because I didn't like flying the nether highways on 2b2t.org. The original plan was to just change the obsidian texture but I've also added a few other things. Photos coming soon!


  • Softer obsidian is easier on the eyes and not as dark as vanilla.
  • Softer netherrack is also easier on the eyes. Both the obsidian and netherrack use a coloured version of the stone texture.
  • Steve totem because why not. Totem of Undying now looks like Steve.
  • MEG pickaxe just looks cool and I'm apart of the Motorway Extension Guru's group on 2b2t.


  1. Click here to download
  2. Do not unzip the file. Place the zip file in your resource packs folder. Click here if you don't know how to install resource packs.
  3. Go into single player or multiplayer and enjoy!


  • Q: Is this a virus? A: Lol.
  • Q: Does it work with other packs? A: Yes. Just place this one at the top of the list to override the other packs.
  • Q: Can you add x texture? A: No. I don't do requests.
  • Q: Steve totem is ugly, fix him! A: No. He's my child.
  • Q: I don't like MEG pickaxe. Can I remove it? A: Yes. Unzip the pack, navigate to the folder containing the file diamond_pickaxe.png and just delete that file. Then zip the pack again and put it back into the resource packs folder.
  • Q: How did you make the pack? A: I used RPW and GIMP.