Hey, I'm Josh.

I'm a full-stack web dev & Java dev.

Sometimes I make cool stuff.

I'm full of myself
A bit about me

Beyond software development, I am experienced in system configuration & administration as well as networking & security.

I've loved to mess around with technology ever since I was little. I first started out programming in Java, using an online course on the old Cave of Programming website. Through the years I've messed around with a large numebr of languages, including Python, PHP, Golang, and of course JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS.

My current web stack uses Hono for routing, hosted with Cloudflare Workers and Pages. I build my frontends with Pug.js and Tailwind. Previously, I used Node.js, with the Express framework.

F%#& the big guys
Originally began Spring 2018 on Reddit

A huge list of alternatives to Google products. Privacy tips, tricks, and links.

Due to the huge size of the list, the document is not edited directly. Instead, contributors edit YAML files, which are sent through a JS script to compile the document in a GitHub Actions script.

As a bonus, another script publishes the document to the r/privacy subreddit wiki.

A ShareX Server

*Ahem* excuse the name. ass is a ShareX upload server originally written in JavaScript, then later migrated to TypeScript.

ShareX upload servers are commonly used on Discord to share screenshots using funny URLs. I didn't really get the concept at first and... to be honest I still don't.

ass is my second-most popular open source project, after Degoogle.

Custom Minecraft Totem Maker

totems.me is a micro resource pack generator for Minecraft Java Edition. The process is simple: enter any IGN, and the corresponding skin replaces the texture for the Totem of Undying. Enable 3D mode for more fun, courtesy of ToxicAven.

This project was originally just a page stuck on an old iteration of jmoore.dev, but when I finally added Umami Analytics I saw it was the most popular page by a longshot. So I decided to just make it a dedicated website instead.

totems.me is currently my most popular public website, with a few hundred visitors per day as of January 2023. It is written in TypeScript, runs on Node 16 in a Docker Compose container, and uses axios and sharp image processing. It runs on a Digtal Ocean server and directly interfaces with Mojangs API, as all Cloudflare-Worker-based lookup services are being ratelimited globally.

Opinionated static site generator

pagery is my personal static site generator. It uses a highly opinionated stack (Pug and Tailwind), and is intended to be used with Cloudflare Pages.

Discord bot hosted with Cloudflare Workers

Peri is a proof-of-concept project to discover a way to host Discord bots on Cloudflare Workers.

The fantastic Hono framework is used for the underlying routing.