PC Building

You will pay the cost of parts, Windows 10, and Microsoft Office 2019. If you wish to have a different OS installed, let me know. Windows 10 and Office keys are purchased from verified eBay sellers to ensure you get the best price.

Due to complexity, I am unable to do water-cooled builds at this time.


  • Build PC
  • Install OS
  • Update BIOS firmware
  • $40


  • Includes everything from Standard
  • Install updates
  • Install antivirus
  • Transfer files from old PC
  • Initial restore point will be created
  • $60


  • Includes everything from Premium
  • Install any requested software, such as: Google Chrome, Firefox, Steam, Discord, or any other requested software.
  • $80

IT Services

Not sure what you are looking for? Contact me for a free email consultation:

Device troubleshooting & repair

  • Diagnostic fee: $25
  • Repairs: cost of parts + $25 (will be contacted before doing any repairs)
  • Data backup: cost of backup drive + $25 (will be contacted before doing any backups)

Technical support

  • Free email consultation:
  • On-site support: $20/hr
  • Travel fee: $10 (For every 30 minutes of travel)

Web design

Please contact me at for more information.